Our approach in consulting (Business Process Excellence)

This method is exclusively developed by 3A Solutions Group and based on existing Excellence Models (E.g. EFQM, MBNQA, DQA, etc.) and consulting experiences with international companies.


Excellence is managing the organization through a set of interdependent and interrelated systems, processes and facts.


Excellent organizations have an effective management system based upon, and designed to deliver the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. The systematic implementation of policies, strategies, objectives and plans of the organization are enabled and assured through a clear and integrated set of processes.


Business Process Excellence Lifecycle


Business Process Excellence Benefits 

§ Enable organization strategy deployment

§ Provide a shared business value that sustain the culture of process orientation and continuous improvement

§ Improve awareness of decision making options

§ Implement effective business process approach

§ Improve process performance monitoring through relevant KPIs, Key Performance Indicators

§ Improve process performance reporting and communication

§ Motivate Employees

§ Ensure continuity and conformity of operations

§ Improve productivity by identifying all Non Value Adding (NVA) activity related to: Redundancy; Duplication; Bottleneck; Waiting time; Unclear responsibilities and authorities